Next Retail Unit

7-9 Henry Street, Dublin



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Next Retail Unit

The Arnotts Department Store has traded on Henry Street for over 170 years. Over time it has undergone many transformations not only in retail activity but also in physical layout. The portion of the former store, subject of this planning application, is 7-9 Henry Street which was rebuilt in 1960 and was designed in complete contrast to the architectural style of the main store of 1899. Arnotts embarked on another chapter in its long history and the famous store will undergo a major renewal of its ethos and retail offer over the coming years which will help maintain the importance of Henry Street as one of the vital retail streets of the CBD of Dublin. Reinforcing the retail significance of Henry Street will be the creation of a new Retail unit on the street by the separation of 7-9 Henry Street from Arnotts. The NEXT retail store has added additional variety and a new retail offer on Henry Street which is a size normally hard to achieve in the city centre. Apart from the floor area separated from Arnotts the entire façade of 7-9 Henry Street will be renewed. This new façade design philosophy creates the frontage to a clear ‘portal’ to the NEXT store and express on the façade those floors which have trading.

The former ‘blue’ building (nos. 7-9 Henry Street) has its structure asymmetrical to its frontage which had to be addressed in the design solution. The retail entrances therefore need to be off centre towards the east while two number fire escapes discharge at either side of the unit. Contemporary detailed ‘Branco Real’ Limestone (cream colour) is the finish of the entire façade incorporating details of ‘Eichenbuhler’ German red sandstone to window reveals, cills and inserts to the brushed stainless steel channels which form the shop front entrance.